Thursday February 22 , 2018
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Empty Bottle Plastic


“Pluk!!” empty bottle plastic is dropped in front of her shoes. “Aaa..why people can not throw away trash on it’s container?” She asked her self. Yup…a man, train passenger, who sit on train’s roof just throw away the bottle. “How can my city become clean?” she asked again. Before she had chance to put it on trash container, a man took that bottle and put it on his big plastic bag. He is a scavenger.

She notices that man. That man holding a little boy, maybe his son. That boy face is so innocent. That boy looking around, see train station situation. Maybe this is his first day join his father working. That man walks again, find another empty bottle. Collect empty bottle plastic is how he earn money. She keeps notice where that man and his son walk.


“Ting..ting!”..she hears sound behind her and same time she notice that man look to where the sounds comes from. There is a Bakso seller behind her and that man comes to Bakso seller. She keeps notice. That man count how much money he has and not so long he order 1 bowl of Bakso. He share with his son. “How much money he has, how much money he can earn by collect empty bottle plastic” She asked to her self again. But then she answers her own questions.

“It doesn’t matter how much money do you have, It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are, the most important you can feel happiness”. That little boy, he is so lucky. He can eat together with his father even only 1 bowl for two. He is lucky can be beside his father, he is lucky he can hold his lovely person. To be beside persons that we love is so much precious, we can’t buy it with money because no one sale it. Give you best smile to peoples that you love, because maybe tomorrow we can not meet them anymore.


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