Thursday February 22 , 2018
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April at Japan


I standing at Nakanobu station, waiting my train which will take me to Kawasaki. I still remember couples times ago I said to my sensei, “Please let me go to your home alone from my hotel. You don’t have to pick me. I love to adventure.”. Then my sensei allowed me went to his house alone.

I took a train as my sensei gave me direction last night. I standing close to train’s door, staring way direction which  put above of train’s door. “Where is Nakanobu?” I asked to myself. I saw the picture, I need to know how many stations that I will passed.  “Where am I?” I also looked at station to read notification when my train stop and the door was open. Yeah..finally I know where I was. I will transit to Ooimachi.

I step down at Ooimachi and I saw train in same line and I directly went in to that train. The train’s door was closed directly after I came in, but when I looked around, this train looks more exclusive than my train before and soon I realize this is not local train. “Oh my”..I just realized I was so stupid. Miyamaedaira was passed and my train not stop.” problem..I will take train back to Miyamaedaera”. I said to myself and try to calm.

My sensei just sent me sms, I felt it in my bag. I just ignore and plan will contact my sensei soon I had arrived at Miyamaedaira. I just wanna enjoyed my trip, without realized how worry he was that time. My train stop at Saginuma, I saw train in same line and directly in to train again. I afraid I made mistake again, so I decided to out again from train and then find out which train can took me to Miyamaedaira. I looked around, ya..I have to took the stair and moved to another line.

There was train stop there,,and I asked to a man. “ Hai kiki masu”..he answered. Well that’s the words I heard, maybe I was wrong, but at least I understand that train will take me to Miyamaedaera. Only second station. I had arrived at Miyamadaera and directly found public telephone to call my sensei.

I cannot found it, so I sent sms to my sensei. Not song long he called me “Where are you?” he asked me. “Miyamaedaera station sensei.” I answered. “Ok wait there” He said. Not so long he called me again “Where are you?”. “Mi-ya-mae-da-ira sensei.” I answered again. I started think..did I made mistake? Did I get wrong station?..while waiting..I looked around. I still didn’t believe this is Japan, because I felt not strange to be here.

My sensei came with his bicycle, and he looks so tired. Maybe he ride his bicycle in high speed. “Sensei..” I little bit scream when  I met him. “Look I did it”. I said again. “ My pupil…if I call u, please hang up. If I send you sms please reply directly. I try to call your hotel…but they said you was not there. I worried about you and I afraid something happened to you.” He just said it so fast.”This is station is Miyazakidai” he said again. “Oh…” I silent for a while. “Well now I’m OK sensei”..I tried to make him calm. “Ya..I’m happy you are OK but,,bla..bla..bla” he start again. He walked beside his bicycle, while I busy took picture around. When I realized he was far in front of me, I run to catch him. “Sensei wait!”. I scream called him.

Today, I’m not lost again. I had arrived at Miyazakidai station. I came out and this street now Sakura is blossom, so beautiful, very beatiful. Now maybe also 23 degree celcius, same with that time. I take breath deeply to feel the air, feel so peace in my heart. That time, at this place, me, Sensei and Kazu san standing while we were waiting my sensei’s friend, Shimizu san. I still remember that time there was old lady said to my sensei “Selamat siang”, and directly my sensei said “Nihon jin desune”. Ya that lady just visit Indonesia and thought my sensei was Indonesians, because he had curly hair and big eyes.

I continue walk and enjoy my memory that time when I went to my sensei house. Today I will make surprise to my sensei because I haven’t told him that I will come to Japan again. I’m so happy cause I will see my sensei again and his family.


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